Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lava fury!!!!

This is cool:

This is not cool:

Lava Fury Batman. Hmm... don't ever recall any such situation (movies, cartoon, comics, life) in which Batman donned his "Lava Fury" costume. These action figures pissed me off as a kid.

Did they do some sort of market research and found out kids like to play with action figures that exist in no other entity other than the form of a four inch-neon colored, stupid-looking version of their beloved superhero? I always just wanted a Batman action figure that just looked like Batman!

Unfortunately they stopped making the awesome figures you see on top right around the time the first Batman movie came out. What was weird was when they repackaged the old Joker figure into new packaging in line for the 1989 Batman movie. Shit made no sense! He came with a mallet and looked like Caeser Romero, not Jack Nicholson!

Still, a very cool figure. But you could probably only get Night-Goggle Scuba Diving Joker after this one came out.


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