Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ted Bundy is the Real Joker

I made this jpg of Ted Bundy as the Joker. It's pretty clear that Heath studied Bundy for the role... The timbre of the voice, the eyes, and especially the licking of his lips are all reminiscent of Ted Bundy. Watch the video of his final interview and tell me you don't see it.

Monday, September 12, 2011


Alexander Knox was a fucking great character. Named after the old timey actor, Knox was created for the movie not adapted from a comic book source. Anyway, as a child many things about him confused me... As mentioned to me by my Bat-Thoughtz contributor Chris, Knox was a little too similar looking to Bruce Wayne, at least to a child. Add to that the scene where Bruce Wayne denies that he is Bruce Wayne to Vicki Vale and I was lost as a kid. The other thing was that he behaved too much like a real person, and for the life of me I couldn't understand this guy's sense of humor. Why was he always being a smart-ass, huh?! Why can't he just shut up and leave Batman alone, huh?! Why does he have to cock-block Bruce, huh?! Of course I appreciated the character a lot more as I grew older. In many ways he is a great 'everyman' whose good-natured and down to earth perspective the viewer can witness Batman through. I like to think Knox died when he flew off the car and that's why he wasn't in Returns. I know, I know, he was at the Bat-signal lighting ceremony, but still... he died.

Batman 1989 official comic adaptation

I remember this quite well, although I have never owned it... Its pretty cool for a couple of reasons. First, they apparently depict the movie Batman as blue and grey or at least black and grey, and second, there are some weird variations on the actual plot. Who knows why they did this, but obviously there was no scene in the movie where the cops pull the cape and cowl aside to reveal Alexander Knox, wisecracking as Michael Kea-err Bruce Wayne walks away with a black Gap long sleeve shirt and a utility belt slung over his shoulder. I wonder why... Anyway

Ugly Fucking Tattoo

Good one...good one.

Joker giving away videotapes of Batman 89.

People were super excited at this promotional event until they put the tapes in their beta players and Smilex gas was released into their homes, killing their entire families and in the process afixing their corpses with grotesque grinning death-masks!

I think Dick is selling himself short...

I gotta be honest...If Batman and Robin were gay (and Robin was of the age of consent) I wouldn't really care. Would it affect the character's core essentials if he was more into male buttox than female pussy? I don't think so.

Hey let's check in on what's going on in the Batman comics...

Uh... huh?

Silk Screen from '89

This isn't a picture of mine, but I have the very same badass silk screen. Awesome

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Untold Legend of the Batman

When I was a kid I got an audiotape/comic book combo containing the story "The Untold Legend of the Batman." It was a sort of off reboot of the Batman mythos and since has been ret-conned, pretty sure. The story was ripe with weird revelatory moments and plot twists. Since this origin story has all but been erased from his history, this is a really cool Batman tale. You can hear the audio below, its pretty interesting!


Meet Timmy...

Meet Timmy. He's not all there. Timmy likes Batman. Sometimes Timmy puts on a Batman mask. He put on a Batman mask right before he killed his parents...

Thursday, September 1, 2011

What's going on here

Check out more here, truly funny stuff.

Batman: Year Fun

This is fucking awesome. So Bruce Wayne discovers that his father Thomas Wayne won a costume contest in 19.. something, and while dressed as "Bat-Man" he happened to fight off a few criminals. That's some full circle revelatory shit right there.

Interestingly enough, this story sort-of-but-not-really-at-all inspired the Darren Aronofsky-Frank Miller script for Batman: Year One, in which Bruce wears a ring his dad owned that had the letters "TW" on it. The "T" went over the "W" (kinda like the NY Yankees logo) and when he punched criminals with the ring on, it would form what looked like the bat logo.

Still can't figure out why that film never got made...

Friday, August 26, 2011

Happy Friday!

What is this??

Could this be the new costume in toy form? Or just some kind of bizarre Japanese variation on the TDK suit... Kind of interesting...especially considering the reinforced neck...

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lava fury!!!!

This is cool:

This is not cool:

Lava Fury Batman. Hmm... don't ever recall any such situation (movies, cartoon, comics, life) in which Batman donned his "Lava Fury" costume. These action figures pissed me off as a kid.

Did they do some sort of market research and found out kids like to play with action figures that exist in no other entity other than the form of a four inch-neon colored, stupid-looking version of their beloved superhero? I always just wanted a Batman action figure that just looked like Batman!

Unfortunately they stopped making the awesome figures you see on top right around the time the first Batman movie came out. What was weird was when they repackaged the old Joker figure into new packaging in line for the 1989 Batman movie. Shit made no sense! He came with a mallet and looked like Caeser Romero, not Jack Nicholson!

Still, a very cool figure. But you could probably only get Night-Goggle Scuba Diving Joker after this one came out.


Real Two Face!

There is a real Two-Face! This guy went to jail for a double murder, he's a drug gang killer and his street name was Two-Face! WTF?

Alex Ross's Batman is A Fat-ass

I love ya Alex Ross, you capture in your works a quiet reverence for these modern-day myths we call Super-heros. One complaint: YOU DRAW BATMAN AS A FATASS. Now, I'm used to Superman being rendered as a bullet-headed bloat-bag, but come on! This Batman looks like he should be fixing my sink, not pummeling villains. Seriously look at that jaw! Apparently Joey Buttafuco serves as the model for Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. Seriously have you seen Ross's Wonder Woman? Built like a brick shit-house, she is, and a mug that will have you hanging yourself with an invisible lasso. Seriously Alex, chill on the meatiness when it comes to our beloved characters.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sunday, August 21, 2011


The Bat Signal is not a beeper

Batman like roofs

 Batman like roofs real good

Cafeteria dayz

I had my mom buy this lunchbox for me when I was in the fourth grade. I didn't realize till I showed up with it at school that I was way too old to be walking around with a fucking plastic lunchbox. Let alone a plastic Batman lunchbox. Fucking embarrassing...

Clock King

Whatta chump.

False Face

via Wikipedia:
"Although Clint Eastwood was discussed for the role of Two-Face in the 1960s Batman television series, reimagined as a news anchor who was disfigured when a television set exploded in his face,[22] he did not appear, as the character was labeled "too gruesome and too violent" for the "kid-friendly" attitude that surrounded the show. Malachi Throne's portrayal of False-Face appeared in the series for a substitution."

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

what. the. shit.

I've felt rage before, but this... this could possibly induce genocide.

Jesus Christ...

I pity the kid whose mom bought this poster for him at Target.

fucking bullshit.

Sweet mother of god...

Dat ASS!