Friday, May 27, 2011

Batman Holding Cowl

People take for granted the skill Chris Nolan exercises in creating realism in his Batman movies. The fact that there is a legitimately heart-wrenching scene involving Batman staring at his own cowl should not be lost on anyone. Its next to impossible not to make a scene like that cheesy. Of course having a phenomenal actor like Christian Bale in the role helps.

Amazing Picture of Heath

Totally badass behind-the-scenes pic of Heath Ledger and a couple of dorks (best boy grip, dolly grip?). They nailed the fuckin Joker in TDK. He wasn't a character, he was a real and frightening person.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Batman's Ass

Easy-access zipper feature. Nice.

Who is more freakish?

Good question.

Another early poster, and especially cool since it makes use of the "darkest before the dawn" line which became synonymous with TDK. In this case, "Justice is Always Darkest before the Dawn." Fucking cool.

There's a lot of these weird early Batman posters. Jack looks like he doesn't even have the makeup on.


This is me as Batman. That's right, I'm a serious fucking badass.

Tim Burton's Joker concept sketch.

Pretty cool.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


This is a cut scene from Batman Forever in which Batman meets his psyche and gets his head eaten off. Well... he confronts his Bat-self anyway. What a retarded turn of events that would have been. Why bring attention to the fact that Batman doesn't look much like a Bat. At least not next to a human-size version. It would be like putting actual photographs of real turtles in a Ninja Turtles cartoon, South Park style. I guess.

Gray Suit

Why does part of me think the gray Batsuit would be sick to see in at least ONE movie. This is an odd suit because it features the armor pattern from Returns, yet the little be-footed Batlogo of the 1989 film... Weird... and I don't have an answer for ya. This is supposedly behind the scenes of the original movie but...I don't know! Also its weird because the Bat logo was connected to the cowl in the original movie. And why would they apply the logo BEFORE painting the costume black?? This picture is a colossal mind-fuck on 47 levels.

Batman Behinds

Batman from 1989 and TDK.

Batman and Bob Kane

Sorry but this Batman costume is tits. I love Batman in a more vampiric, leathery costume as depicted here. Very dark, slick and pointy.

Obviously that's Bob Kane, creator of Batman. Maybe Bill Finger had a lot to do with it, but that dude sounds like a whiney bitch to me. Anyway, Bob Kane once said he originally envisioned Batman as all black but that printing techniques were such at the time that it would look like a blob of shit. Anyway...

Monday, May 2, 2011

Howard Stern on Superman's denouncement of his American citizenship 5/2/2011: "I heard Batman was thinking of joining the tea-party, he's very upset." Very funny, but Bruce Wayne would never join the tea-party. Remember, he is a genius.