Friday, April 29, 2011

Li'l Batman

Thanks to the lovely Lexi for submitting this gem. She found this in Crumbs, a bakery in Manhattan. The sad thing is, Bruce Wayne was probably about this age the last time he was able to enjoy a cupcake. After his parents died he had to swear off the junk food in order to acheive peak physical condition.

Superman Sucks

(This is kind of getting around, I think. Not sure who does it but I've seen a few pictures and I have to agree. )

There is a new Superman movie coming out... at first I was kind of excited because the last one was garbage and they seemed to have a better grip on where to take the story this time around. Then they start casting Lois Lane and other known characters and it occurs to me that this movie will suck too, because you cant teach an old dog new tricks...especially if you can't even move past Lois Lane! Batman is awesome for not having a real consistant love interest. Who needs 150,000 interpretations of Vicki Vale? Superman is old ass news. The only thing they could do to revitalize it is to adapt the Death of Superman story or at LEAST move past the same old fucking characters. "Oooh who is gonna play Perry White??!" Who cares...

Homemade Costume

I am fascinated by reimagined Batman costumes.
This guy made a homemade costume as least partially inspired by the Gotham by Gaslight (First Elseworlds) book. I think anyway. Despite his douchey-ass expression this guy did a pretty cool job redesigning the costume.

The Fatman!

This may be the fattest Fatman I can find.

Fatman Returns

So I guess someone made an official Fatman costume. How dare they...

It could be worse...

...your nose could be gushing blood!

This must be rare... I never see this style cowl with the little feet on the logo.

Whoever made this should be ashamed of themselves. Batman is off limits comedically...

This image made me laugh as a kid, despite being slightly offended that Mad magazine would dare fuck with Batman. I have drawn hundreds of doodles of Batman with a Superman shield in the years since seeing this.


Submitted by Chris from Fucking Nostalgic (

Eel sauce? Might as well spray it with a skunk. I would never eat this atrocious dish, despite the very appealing nomanclature. I believe this would have the opposite effect on Oswald Cobblepot, who would no doubt greedily indulge in the 'Batman' despite personal reservations over the name.

Friday, April 22, 2011

I don't know where the shit is from.

Cop Killer

So cops were calling for a boycott of Batman Returns and it made for a sick headline. Apparently they were protesting the Bodycount song "Cop Killer" which was put out by Warner Brothers. I picture a similar headline circulating in the Nolan-Verse Gotham City as we speak.

I hate the rich asshole who lives here

Thursday, April 21, 2011

1989 Costume Logo

I like what they did with the Batman logo back in '89 (although it was probably designed in 87 or something). Normally this type of tampering would not be cool, but I like those little feet. I also think the heavy black circle is cool too. Do you think they should have a traditional logo for the costume in the new Batman movie? I like the yellow and I think strategically it can work for Batman. When surrounded by the cape he can remain in the shadows, then announcing his appearance by exposing the yellow emblem. This makes it seem like he just appeared there. Anyway..

what the shit?

I want a kitten

Batman with Lightsaber VS. Shark

There is an interesting story behind this painting, which has been rather popular on the internet lately.
Read a funny interview with the kid who inspired it

The painting was done by artist Andrew Zubko and has become an internet sensation.



I made a lovely little video you should watch. Its called Batshitz

Gay Batman

Batman has been the brunt of gay jokes and innuendos for years. The presence of a Robin definitely contributed. Interesting you never hear about a Gay Superman.

Fatman Forever

There is something very comically appealing about a fat Batman. You don't see a lot of fat Superman images, but lots of fat Batmen. It may be a result of the fact that 'Batman' sounds like 'Fatman' or it may just be that its funny to think of Bruce Wayne letting himself go after all that hard work. Adam West certainly contributed. Anyway I can guarantee you will see a lot of fat Batmen on this site.

some bat doodles of mine