Friday, April 29, 2011

Superman Sucks

(This is kind of getting around, I think. Not sure who does it but I've seen a few pictures and I have to agree. )

There is a new Superman movie coming out... at first I was kind of excited because the last one was garbage and they seemed to have a better grip on where to take the story this time around. Then they start casting Lois Lane and other known characters and it occurs to me that this movie will suck too, because you cant teach an old dog new tricks...especially if you can't even move past Lois Lane! Batman is awesome for not having a real consistant love interest. Who needs 150,000 interpretations of Vicki Vale? Superman is old ass news. The only thing they could do to revitalize it is to adapt the Death of Superman story or at LEAST move past the same old fucking characters. "Oooh who is gonna play Perry White??!" Who cares...

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