Monday, September 12, 2011


Alexander Knox was a fucking great character. Named after the old timey actor, Knox was created for the movie not adapted from a comic book source. Anyway, as a child many things about him confused me... As mentioned to me by my Bat-Thoughtz contributor Chris, Knox was a little too similar looking to Bruce Wayne, at least to a child. Add to that the scene where Bruce Wayne denies that he is Bruce Wayne to Vicki Vale and I was lost as a kid. The other thing was that he behaved too much like a real person, and for the life of me I couldn't understand this guy's sense of humor. Why was he always being a smart-ass, huh?! Why can't he just shut up and leave Batman alone, huh?! Why does he have to cock-block Bruce, huh?! Of course I appreciated the character a lot more as I grew older. In many ways he is a great 'everyman' whose good-natured and down to earth perspective the viewer can witness Batman through. I like to think Knox died when he flew off the car and that's why he wasn't in Returns. I know, I know, he was at the Bat-signal lighting ceremony, but still... he died.

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